About Us
Flexible and multi-modal supply chain network for several industries.

Turkmen Logistics is established in 2003, mainly to serve to its group companies. According to its Fashion Logistics business model, Turkmen Logistics diversified its solutions to become a strategic partner of its customers. As an integrated solution provider, Turkmen Logistics aims to let its customers to focus their main activities, while logistics is taken care of by Turkmen Logistics.

Turkmen Logistics is actively managing a supply chain network including Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, China and European countries and Turkey as a control tower base; which has a flexible and multi-modal structure that can be used by several industries.. This network is deployed for not only finished goods but also for raw materials, semi-finished goods and reverse logistics.

Turkmen Logistics aims to provide all-inclusive and result focused solutions to meet the expectations of final consumers along with its customers. Turkmen Logistics, thanks to its experience of managing global network, is the most important partner of its customers' to run their supply chains.